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10 Reasons to Visit North Cyprus

20th March, 2015

There are probably 10 reasons for visiting North Cyprus but. . .

There are probably 10 reasons for visiting North Cyprus but the above are 10 of the most important and should be enough to tempt anyone on a first time visit. However one visit will not be enough and there are plenty of reasons to visit again and again……. And again!

1. Kyrenia/Girne Castle and the Harbour

2. Famagusta walled city, including Othello’s Tower and the Mustafa Lala Pasha Mosque.

3. Nicosia within the walls, including the Buyuk Han, the covered Market and the Selimye Mosque

4. A Gulet cruise along the northern coast, the possibility to swim with turtles, and eating barbecued fish on board.

5. A drive through the mountains looking for endemic species and smelling the pine scented air, especially during the emergence of spring when the island is transformed by a coat of many colours.

6. A day in the Karpaz peninsula with an overnight stay.

7. A feast of Cyprus food from fragrant barbecued meats with mouth-watering salads and a wide variety of mezze to honey sweet desserts including the many-layered baklava.

8. Kantara Castle where ravens and raptors soar on the thermals and lizards sunbathe among the ruins.

9. Salamis ruins, the finest classical site on the island and the capital city under the Roman Empire.

10. Bellapais Abbey, quite simply the most peaceful, beautiful place in North Cyprus.