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Fascinating Karpaz villages

North of Salamis as the sweep of the bay veers to the east is the start of the Karpas area. Alternatively travelling along the north coast road, the village of Kaplica marks the beginning of the region. This is rich agricultural land with farming, olive o

The Karpas Peninsula, Iskele, Bogaz, Kanakaria

There are many fascinating villages to see and soft sanded beaches to swim from. Iskele is the first village and is famous for its pomegranate production and for the tiny church of St. James which is the smallest on the island. There is also the church of the Panayia Theotokos which has some excellent frescoes and a display of memorable icons. This is open as a museum and well worth a visit. Bogaz village has a small fishing harbour, an even smaller sandy beach and many restaurants all serving the delicious catch of the day. Heading into the central part of the peninsula the land becomes totally devoted to agriculture, this is where the Cyprus potato is grown all year round, as well as excellent citrus and the strange vegetable called Kolokasi that originated in Southeast Asia and is a Cyprus speciality. On the road to Gelincik and Kaleburnu is the church of Kanakaria. Restored and repaired it sadly is lacking the mosaic that once decorated the apse. It does contain pieces of marble columns in the he western narthex and Corinthian capitals from an earlier church. <br


Famagusta Walled City

The walled city of Famagusta has been Turkish ever since the Ottoman conquest of 1571, and...