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The Town of Guzelyurt

The town of Guzelyurt is the largest of any significance to the west of North Cyprus and it is the centre of the citrus growing area. With good reason this area is called the “Fruit Basket” of Cyprus.

Guzelyurt and the citrus region

Not only citrus but a large acreage of vegetables are grown in this region and with every large town holding a weekly market there is never a shortage of fresh fruit and vegetables. Hundreds of hectares are covered in orchards growing every type of citrus fruit known to man and there are roadside stalls selling bottles of freshly squeezed juice. In fact there is such an abundance of fruit that much of it will go to waste. However it is worth remembering that not all oranges are for eating or juicing, there are also those used to make marmalade and any attempt to eat them leaves a bitter taste! The town itself is not of great historical significance apart from once, long ago, being the terminus for the Famagusta to Morphou (Guzelyurt) railway line. In addition there was an extension of the main line that supported the mining works at Gemikonagi though there is now scant evidence of its existence. The main attractions in the town are the church of St. Mamas and the antiquities museum. St Mamas enjoys much popul ularity on the island and there are several churches dedicated to him because he is the patron saint of tax avoiders! This church built in the late 18 th C is a mix of Gothic and Byzantine architectural styles and contains an exquisitely beautiful glass chandelier. The museum situated in the ecclesiastical buildings adjacent to the church has displays of Cypriot artefacts from all the historical periods of Cyprus including some pieces of ornate gold jewellery.