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The Buyuk Han

The Buyuk Han is the most impressive piece of Ottoman architecture on the whole island. Built in 1572 by Mustafa Pasha it is a caravanserai for traders.

The Buyuk Han or Great Inn

The original motel for travelling salesmen! It has two main doorways, one to the east and one to the west, both of them large enough to take a well laden camel. There are two storeys of apartments with fireplaces to provide warmth and comfort, and in the centre of the courtyard is a small raised mosque with ablution facility beneath. There would have been camel stables nearby but no trace remains today. Currently the building is used as an arts and crafts retail centre. There are many souvenir shops that sell everything from postcards and stamps, to lace, pottery, original artworks, jewellery etc. There is also a cafe that provides the usual refreshments of tea, coffee, beer, soft drinks and delicious Cypriot sweet and savoury pastries that are made on the premises. The textile and jewellery centre of Nicosia is in this area and adjoins the Buyuk Han. At the bottom of a slight hill where five streets converge is the <u>Lokmaci</u> border crossing point. Keeping the ruined buildings within the Green Line to the he left, walk on until a large car park is reached. This is the edge of the Arabahmet area and is one of the main sectors of Nicosia being restored under the master plan.


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